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International Projects

Horizon 2020

TRANSAT (TRANSversal Actions for Tritium)
Grant agreement ID: 754586

IFA-CEA Partnership for Joint Research and Development Projects

European Project: STRP 033297

Single step 3D DEposition of complex nanopatterned Multifunctional Oxides thin films (3D-DEMO)

NATO Reintegration Grant RIG Ref 982419

 ZnO thin films: from piezoelectric to p-type semiconductor

European Project: EC IST 2001-33326-PISARRO

Piezoelectric sensor arrays for biomolecular interactions and gas monitoring

NATO Science for Peace Project: NATO SfP 97-1934

Laser Based Clean Technologies for Smart Sensor Fabrication

Romania-France, Brincusi Project

Preparation by laser ablation and thin films characterization of new materials with thermoelectrical and optical properties


Intergovernmental project for piezoelectric, ferroelectric and electrostrictive material production by laser methods

Contact: Dr. Maria Dinescu
Phone: (+4) 021 457 4414, Fax: (+4) 021 457 4467
Address: 409 Atomistilor Street, 077125 Magurele, Romania