Laser printing of hybrid nanocomposite chemiresistors - NANO-SENS

Project Details

Programme: Scientific Exchange Programme between Switzerland and the New Member States of the EU (Sciex-NMSch)

Project code: 13.251

Title: "Laser printing of hybrid nanocomposite chemiresistors"

Acronym: "NANO-SENS"

SCIEX Fellow: Dr. Mihaela Filipescu

Funding Agency: Swiss National Scientific Foundation

Host Institute: Paul Scherer Institute - Switzerland

Time period: 01.09.2014 - 28.02.2015

Funds: 44,000 Euros


The aim of the NANO-SENS (“Laser printing of hybrid nanocomposite chemiresistors”) project is the application of a laser-based method i.e. dynamic release layer–laser induced forward transfer DRL-LIFT for the fabrication of hybrid nanocomposite, i.e. SWCNT doped with SnO2 nanoparticles chemiresistors. The DRL-LIFT is a fast and flexible process, offering high spatial resolution (a few micrometers) which will enable low-cost, improved chemiresistor sensors.

This project aims at three specific objectives:

  1. Design of chemiresistor sensors based on hybrid nanocomposites.
  2. The fabrication by DRL-LIFT of sensors onto flexible substrates,
  3. characterization of the chemiresistor sensors based on the hybrid nanocomposites and proving high sensitivity and selectivity with a very low response time.

This corresponds to the development of a highly sensitive and selective chemiresistor sensor i.e. state of the art possible future generation.

The NANO-SENS project aims at integrating the expertise in laser physics of the Fellow for one-step direct writing of hybrid nanoscomposites. By its multidisciplinary nature, NANO-SENS will allow broadening the knowledge of the Fellow by contributing to the development of chemiresistor sensors.

The NANO-SENS project is a unique opportunity for the Fellow to invest her effort in a coordinated program designed to explore the proposed objectives.