Project name: Electrically stimulated scaffolds for tissue engineering

Contract no. 6 / 2012

Project code: PN-II-PT-PCCA-2011-3.1-1187

PN II Program Name: Partnerships

Subprogram: PCCA1

Contracting authority: Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding

Project director: Maria DINESCU

Contract value: 2,000,000 lei

CO -
P3  - UPB

Project summary:

The project relies on an innovative, sound and unique combination of clean, environmental friendly and spatiotemporally accurate laser techniques for producing biofunctionalized conducting tridimensional scaffolds for tissue engineering. The project addresses the synergistic combination of major pillars of science and technology (Micro-Nano-Bio-Info), in the framework of Convergent Technologies for Improving Human Performance: (a) nano-micro science and technology-by using laser processing techniques for scaffolds fabrication; (b) biotechnology and biomedicine-by scaffolds biofunctionalization with biologically active agents and by analyzing the cells cultured within the scaffolds. (c) information technology-by developing advanced computing and application codes for tridimensional scaffolds fabrication and for monitoring the cells cultured within them. The laser techniques will be integrated in a three-step protocol, comprising scaffolds fabrication, biofunctionalization and testing. Rigid (titanium) and flexible organic-inorganic hybrid polymeric scaffolds will be obtained. Each of them will be biofunctionalized with polypyrrole-based conducting polymers combined with biologically active agents e.g. growth factors, drugs. Electrical stimulation of the scaffolds will trigger a spatiotemporally localized control of cell growth and the delivery of biologically active agents. The process occurs outside the body i.e. non invasive, ex vivo tissue engineering. This will lead to a new generation of biofunctionalized conducting tridimensional scaffolds with potential for bone/cartilage replacements, skin grafts and nerve regeneration. In all, the integrated platform proposed by the project will emerge as a new tissue engineering approach for modulating cell growth, proliferation and organization into functional tissues. The proposed methods based on clean, environmental friendly laser techniques will improve the therapeutic effects of tissue engineering technologies.

Project objectives:

The general aim of the project is the development of cutting-edge technologies based on clean, environmental friendly, accurate, easy-to-handle laser techniques for the fabrication, biofunctionalization and testing of PPy-based conducting scaffolds for tissue engineering.

Publications (in ISI ranked journals):

1. MAPLE deposition of 3D micropatterned polymeric substrates for cell cultures
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2. Laser micro-patterning of biodegradable polymer blends for tissue engineering
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6. M. Mihailescu, I.A. Paun, M. Zamfirescu, C. R. Luculescu, A. M. Acasandrei, M. Dinescu
Laser-assisted fabrication and noninvasive imaging of 3D cell-seeding constructs for bone tissue engineering - to be published in Journal of Materials Science.

Proceedings papers:

1. MG63 cells behavior on rough polypyrrole scaffolds investigated by digital holographic microscopy
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Conference presentations:
1. COLA Conference, 6-11 October 2013, Ischia, Italia (poster)
Electrically stimulated scaffolds for tissue engineering applications
I. A.Paun, A Matei, M.D. Dumitru, E.C. Buruiana, M.A. Acasandrei, M. Mihailescu, M. Dinescu

2. International Vacuum Congress IVC-19/ICSS-15 and ICN+T, 9-13 September 2013, Paris, France (oral presentation)
Functional polymeric coatings for tissue engineering applications
Irina Alexandra Paun, Andreea Matei, Adriana Acasandrei, Flavian Stokker-Cheregi, Marian Zamfirescu, Antoniu Moldovan and Maria Dinescu

3. The 2nd Biophotonics Conference, 17-19 July, Taipei, Taiwan (poster)
Cells features on polymeric blends substrate analyzed using digital holographic microscopy
M. Mihailescu, R.C. Popescu, I.A. Paun, M.A. Acasandrei, A. Matei

4. The 10th Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Pacific Rim(CLEO-PR 2013), 30 June-4 July 2013 Kyoto, Japan (poster)
Deep Walls Microscaffold Characterization Using Digital Holographic Microscopy
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Laser based techniques for electrically stimulated scaffolds preparation
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8. Conferinta Facultatii de Chimie, Universitatea Al. I. Cuza din Iasi, 31 oct.-1 nov., Iasi
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9. 12th IUVSTA School on Lasers in Materials Science, 13-20.07.2014, Venice, Italy
Functional oxide thin films obtained by Pulsed Laser Deposition
M. Dinescu

10. High Power Laser Ablation, 18-28.04.2014, Santa Fe, USA
MAPLE for Functional Coatings with Applications in Tissue Engineering
F. Stokker, M. Dinescu, I. Paun, A. Matei

11. E-MRS 2014 SPRING MEETING,27-29.05.2014, Lille, France
Laser processing of soft materials
M. Dinescu, I. Paun, V. Dinca, A. Palla-Papavlu

12. I.A Paun, M. Zamfirescu, C.R. Luculescu, M. Mihailescu, A. M. Acasandrei, C.C. Mustaciosu and M. Dinescu
Laser-assisted nano/micro-fabrication of electrically responsive, biomimetic scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration
POSTER presented at EMRS 2015

13. M. Mihailescu, I.A. Paun , M. Zamfirescu, C. R. Luculescu, A. Acasandrei , M. Dinescu
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POSTER presented at EMRS 2015

14. M. Mihailescu, E I. Scarlat, I.A. Paun, I. Grigorescu, A. Acasandrei
Fractal Properties of Osteoblast-Like Cells From Holographic Phase Images
S5 P19, 15 th Int. Balkan Workshop on Applied Physics IBWAP, Constanta 2-4 July 2015

First stage - 31.12.2012 (click for the scientific abstract)

The objective of this stage is to produce and to test electrically conducting scaffolds consisting of 3D titanium, respectively of organic-inorganic hybrid polymeric constructs with well-defined, porous architectures coated with PPy-based conducting polymers.

Value of first stage: 789,000 lei

Second stage - 31.12.2013

The objective of this stage is to control the behavior of cells cultured within the scaffolds (adhesion, growth, proliferation, organization into tissues) by electrical stimulation.

Value of second stage: 692,750 lei

Third stage - 31.12.2014

The objectives of this stage are:

Value of third stage: 518,250 lei

Fourth stage - 31.12.2015
(click for the scientific abstract)

Value of fourth stage: 150,401 lei

Fifth stage - 31.12.2016 (click for the scientific abstract)

Value of fifth stage: 282,174 lei