Growth of the international visibility of the scientific community form lasers and application field to the aim of integrating in the European research area


Contract no. 62/02.02.2006


Acronym: VILAS


Project Director: Dr. Maria Dinescu

INFLPR – National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics;

Optical Processing of Advanced Materials research group - OPAM;



Stage I

Formation of the European Network and the organization of a national Informing Workshop regarding the Frame Project 7

June 20, 2006


“Info Day” regarding the Frame Program 7 of the European Community

INFLPR, Magurele, Bucharest, June 16, 2006


    The launch of the Frame Project 7 of the European Community and its budget approval for 2007-2013 by the European Parliament on the 15th of June 2006 opens the possibility for announcing new calls for projects. This means that a good knowledge of the proposed activities and research directions is requested. The reunion had as purpose the presenting of general ideas regarding the Frame Project 7, mentioning of the priority research directions, with laser and laser processing as a main issue.










    Presentations were based on the materials given by the National Agency for Research, distributed on different national workshops, meetings with the research ministry of Austria and from the web page of the European Community Programs. Last details on proposed funds and approved activity categories were inserted. From the beginning, the discussions were mainly on the necessity of mobilizing the researchers in laser and laser applications from different institutes in forming consortia, in order to increase the chances of winning a European Project. The necessity of a good knowledge in economic aspects, in conceiving and developing of the projects it was mentioned, starting from the difficulties met during Frame Project 5 and 6. It was mentioned as a primary objective the recruiting of young students and finding of real means of re-instating in functions of PhD and MSc students that have studied abroad.




The enounced objectives at this stage were completely realized, the activities being complex and multiple: from making contacts with prestigious people in this job to participating and presenting of 11 papers in one of the most prestigious conferences in material sciences, E-MRS Nice 2006. The “Info-Day” was organized immediately after Frame Project 7 budget approval, thus knowing the exact possibilities of financing.




The papers that were presented in the E-MRS Conference are to be published in prestigious ISI rated journals, after passing through the typical “net” of the magazines (referents, modifications, etc.). The workshop’s theme during the ALT’06 Conference was established, and the Romanian participants at this Conference. Discussions took place at the Nice Conference in forming a Consortium in laser and laser processing of polymeric materials with functional properties.


In the first stage, directors of institutes, laboratory chiefs and professors at European universities in laser and laser processing were contacted. Information about INFLPR, OPAM research group (“Optical Processing of Advanced Materials”) and the Advanced Laser Technologies –“ALT’06” Conference in Brasov (September 8-13, 2006) was presented to them, and with this occasion a first workshop of the international network will take place. Research groups in Romania were identified in order to make them take part in this project. A visit and seminar program was realized for the foreign researchers that are to come and present their work in INFLPR or in other similar institutes in Romania.


Another plan was put up for visits and international conferences to which results in laser processing are to be presented. The participation at the European Material Research Society Conference (E-MRS, Nice, May 28 – June 03, 2006) was done with 11 papers. The papers were presented on three different symposiums, making it possible to enlarge the contact range for the researchers present at this event. Nine researchers and PhD students from the research group that runs this project participated at this conference. With this occasion, other prestigious researchers were contacted with the purpose to be invited and implicated in the network we organize. The project director, Dr. Maria Dinescu, as co-chairwoman of symposium H, organized the participation of another 11 persons from INFLPR to E-MRS.


The “Info Day” was organized in order to promote the first information regarding Frame Project 7. As the final budget was voted by the European Parliament only on June 15th, this “Info Day” was only a general one, promoting only specific financial issues on certain directions. A study was presented regarding intellectual property in the context of imminent adhesion of Romania to the E.U.




Formation of a European Network Reunion and a National Informing Workshop regarding the ALT’06 International Conference


September 20 th, 2006


Organizing of ALT’06 “Laser Advanced Technologies” Conference


Organizing of an Informing Workshop about European Network Activity


Organizing of visits in Romanian profile laboratories for Romanian and foreigner participants to ALT’06 Conference






“Laser Advanced Technologies” International Conference was initially organized and conceived as a reunion of specialists in laser and laser processing from Europe, US and Canada and on the other hand the same area specialists from Russia. The first edition of this conference was held in 1993. The initiator and chairman of this conference was the laureate of   Physics Nobel Prize, Academician Alexander Prokhorov.

This conference became a credible International Conference organized in different countries, by rotation. The 2001 edition of this conference was held in Romania (Constanta). It was also organized in Russia (2 times), Czech Republic (2 times), Germany, Greece, France, Italy (2 times), Switzerland, UK and China. ALT’06 Conference allowed the reunion of all European Network members, the organizing of a workshop and visits in profile laboratories from INFLPR.




From Romania – 71

From foreign countries – 72 (17 countries)




ALT'06 Conference - September 08th- 12th


The Conference was dedicated to the 4th present trends assessed by request of bio-medical and industrial world.

New technologies and ultra-fast sources

·    Laser nanotechnologies

·    Laser processing

·    Laser's applications in biology and medicine


The work sessions involved 38 invited lessons, 23 oral presentations and 56 posters, presented either in plenum or in parallel sessions, during 4 days. At the posters session, although only 2 hours were allocated for presentation and debates, the exposed works have been posted during all conference time. 

  The best presentations from poster session were awarded with “Young Scientist Award” to encourage the young researchers for the efforts to integrate in these multidisciplinary fields.


The European Network Workshop for laser processing in new and nano-structured materials - September 9th


·             The interest fields presentation to constitute corporations for projects proposals in FP7

·             Bilateral visits planning

·             Visits in laboratories (September 12th-16th, 2006)


·             The interest fields presentation to form consortiums for projects proposals in FP7

·             Bilateral visits planning




Within present faze report is attached a notebook with abstracts of scientific communications presented at ALT’06 Conference.

23 Romanian and foreign participants have spoken at the European Network Workshop. The main subject of discussions was about the forming of three consortiums to recommend projects within FP7 in the Nanotechnologies field, laser functional materials with ultra short pulses processing and laser and plasma soft materials processing (polymeric and biologic).


The Realization degree of objectives enounced by the present project


The enounced objectives in this stage were totally accomplished and activities were multiple and complex.

First, we would remark the contact with the 72 foreign specialists, representing some of the famous personalities from laser and laser processing field, authors of books published in some of the prestigious publishing houses like Springer, Verlag, Academic Press, Willey and Sons, etc and of numerous reference scientifically works, too. The necessary contacts to organize corporations for FP7 were realized.



·    From the contract with SPIE (International Society of Optical Engineering) - USA, the presented works shall be published in a Proceeding totally dedicated to the Conference.

·    Were established themes and consortiums for FP7 projects proposal   were build.

·    The interest of foreign specialists to participate together with Romanian specialists in collaboration projects grew especially due to the visits made at the National Institute for Lasers Physics, Plasma and Radiation, the positive evolution for thematic and endowment was shown especially in the last few years.


ALT' 06 International Conference


The work sessions included 38 invited lessons, 23 oral presentations and 56 posters, presented either in plenum or parallel session in 4 days. At the posters session, although only 2 hours were allocated for presentation and debate, the exposed works could have been analyzed during all conference time. 

The Conference was a very good way for the Romanian scientists who work in the lasers and lasers applications field to maintain contact and assure the integration of Romanian specialists in the international scientific community activities. Thus, by the main session presentations and by the posters, the Romanian research results have been better detailed and presented in many aspects, rather than a simple institute or field presentation could have done. We consider that a favorable environment was created for establishing contacts and discussions between attendee concerning future national and international collaborations. A specific target of these discussions was to organize and participate to international Consortiums, in proposing projects for FP 7 of the European Union.


During this event it was emphasize:

·  A general strategy for European and world research in the future.

·  A good dissemination of latest results regarding laser sources and laser technologies.

·  A coherent research worldwide, regarding industrial applications developed by laser techniques.

·  Romania’s compatibility to European and world structures, in the developing research and development area.  

·  The possibility to organize a tight cooperation between research – industry – medicine – biology (there already have been presented some research papers of different laboratories that are in a phase of industrial testing for series production, in the nest 2 years).


It has to be mentioned that the success of the conference was partly due to organizing efforts, all participants being enchanted of the presenting conditions, of the location, as well as for the quality of the distributed materials that promoted the conference. The social program also contributed to the necessary relaxation that led to better discussions, away from the cold world of pure scientific research.

    The conference also took benefits from the auspices of the 90 year celebration since the birth of Russian Academic A.M. Prokhorov, the one who initiated this event, and continued today by his disciples. A.M. Prokhorov won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1964 together with C. H. Townes and N. B. Basov for fundamental results in quantum electronics that lead to the construction of the oscillators and amplifiers based on maser-laser principles. Research groups at the INFLPR that have had collaborations with the institute lead by A.M. Prokhorov are authors of many co-published papers in international, prestigious and referenced ISI rated journals.

    To encourage young researchers in their efforts to take part in such multidisciplinary areas, there have been presented three “Young Scientist Award” for the best poster presentation. The Workshop of the European Network was a good possibility to synthesize new tendencies and projects already in run at bi- or tri- lateral levels.

    The visits to the laboratories of the foreign specialists was a good way to discuss any possibility of collaboration, themes and PhD students exchange, projects under FP7.

    As a conclusion, we consider that the activity run at this stage has reach its goal, and the Romanian researchers, especially the young ones, have been into contact with prestigious personalities and participated at presentations of great scientific importance, benefic activities for later development of laser and laser applications domain.

Stage III

Organizing of direct contacts between members of the European Network and Romanian research facilities by bilateral visits and by participating in a workshop with the first activities in FP7.

May 15, 2007


Stage IV

Organizing of a National Workshop with the participation of members from the European Network.

November 30, 2007