"Advanced research on NBT-BT ferroelectric thin film synthesis using radiofrequency assisted pulsed laser deposition"


Contract No. 552/16.01.2009

Project code: ID_1045

Research Program: IDEI

Project type: Exploratory research project

Project Director: Dr. Nicu-Doinel Scarisoreanu

Coordinator: National Institute for Lasers, Plasma, and Radiation Physics

Contract value: 1.000.000 lei

The general objectives of this project are in agreement with those expressed at an international level in various research programs (Framework Program 7) and international conferences (E-MRS, COLA etc.). The obtaining of ferroelectric thin films and their integration in various devices is an actual and very well financed area of research in most specialized research centers worldwide, as well as in private companies such as Agilent and IBM. Another important tendency is that of replacing the most widely used ferroelectric material, PZT, as well as all lead containing materials, because of its toxicity. Moreover, based on the experience of the research group, accumulated in similar international projects, another goal of this project is to obtain scientific results at least comparable with those achieved at a European level in this thematic. Keeping in view these tendencies in international research, the general objectives of the project are:

  1. To obtain NBT-BT thin films with high quality dielectric properties using pulsed lased deposition (PLD) and radiofrequency discharge assisted pulsed laser deposition (RF-PLD).

  2. Morphological, structural, and electrical characterization of NBT-BT thin films.

Stage I (intermediate 2009) - 15.09.2009 (click here for the Summary of Stage I)


  1. Adaptation of the experimental system for RF-PLD and PLD in order to obtain NBT-BT thin films.

  2. Preliminary investigations on the obtaining of NBT-BT thin films with reduced doping (x=0.06) using PLD.

Value of Stage I: 69,262.51 lei


Stage II (final 2009) - 15.12.2009 (click here for the Summary of Stage II)


Structural, morphological, and electrical characterization of NBT-BT thin films with reduced doping (x=0.06) obtained by PLD.

Value of Stage II: 60,464.61 lei